With our BODYSCAN SERVICE we undertake the organization, the execution
and the processing of body scans for fashion, AR / VR and gaming. In the following
we present our special service for corporate fashion.


Size determination of corporate fashion is accompanied by try on or by hand taken body measurements. Thus, the size determination for manufacturers and for users of corporate fashion causes considerable costs. It does not have to be that way. With our BODYSCAN SERVICE for corporate fashion we offer a service for the digital determination of body measurements.


With our service we undertake the organization, the execution and the processing of body scans and thus create the base for the digital size determination of corporate fashion. With trained personnel and professional body scanners we deliver all body measurements and avatars via ONEXBODY in an impressive quality.


Let create professional body scans.


We carry out the body scans during a scan session with trained personnel. All participants will receive a briefing and necessary clothing for the body scan. With specifically selected clothing for the body scan the body measurements will always be reliably detected. In order to scan participants pleasant from all perspectives we are using slowly rotating turntables.


As body scanners we use professional devices for mobile use of the Artec brand. The body scanners have an excellent 3D resolution of 0.5 mm and an appealing color resolution of 2.3 megapixels.


Body scan with trained personnel

A briefing on the scan session

Apparel specifically chosen for body scan

Capturing from all perspectives

Professional body scanners for mobile use

3D resolution of 0.5 mm

Color resolution of 2.3 megapixels

Manage your data easily and flexibly.


With ONEXBODY all body measurements and avatars are stored in the cloud. Via the dashboard body measurements and avatars are available for download.

The viewer gives you the opportunity to visually display the ISO compliant body measurements.


Body measurements are provided for each participant in PDF and CSV format for download. Body measurements for the scan session are provided in CSV format. In addition, avatars are provided in versatile FBX format for download.


Discover the benefits of our BODYSCAN SERVICE.


Location independent body scan

Use of professional body scanners

Organization, execution and processing of the
       scan session

Body contact not required

ISO compliant body measurements

Easy management of the data

Less cost for sample procurement and shipping

Time savings compared to try on and measuring

Reduction of lead times until ordering

Digitization of processes

Improved image

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